KM Guru – Larry Prusak

I had the opportunity to meet one of KM’s biggest thinkers and practitioners, Larry Prusak, at the Working Knowledge conference. Larry along with Tom Davenport run the Working Knowledge Center at Babson. Soon Larry will be retiring from the Babson Center, and Brook Manville will help Tom continue their research.

This was Larry’s last Working Knowledge conference as co-founder and he prepared a brief talk reflecting on his observations and experiences in the KM field.

Here they are as best as I could summarize:
• Knowledge is social
• Trust within the group is a key ingredient to success in KM
• Learning is the vowel of which knowledge is the verb
• History counts, it provides boundaries and what is possible
• Innovation, Collaboration and Learning
• Companies experience amnesia when KM works
• Democratization of knowledge is here to stay
• One economics, many countries


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