Coolest Meeting Summary Ever!

March 5, 2009

At the Working Knowledge Center at Babson, I was given an opportunity to see KM and art melded together to produce a summary of the discussions during the meeting. Heather Willems offers a service call Graphic Facilitation. Here’s an example from the meeting:

Heather Willems Graphic Representation of Cass Sunstein talk

Heather Willems Graphic Representation of Cass Sunstein talk

I blogged about Cass Sunstein’s presentation before. During the discussion Heather was at the back of the room drawing in real time as Professor Sunstein was giving his talk. The image above is the end result, a much more interesting representation of the topics and ideas discussed in the meeting.

On her site, Heather describes graphic facilitation as “the act of using text and images to visually represent a conversation. In real time, a mural-size drawing is “scribed” at the front of the room. As the conversation develops, the graphic facilitator utilizes a variety of skills including listening, thinking, and drawing to synthesize the dialogue.”

Its certainly a lot more interesting to review than a bunch of bullet points from a meeting.