KM as a Managed Service

February 14, 2009

At the Working Knowledge conference, Kelly Cimmino from Price Waterhouse Coopers discussed how PWC is using an internal managed service to deliver KM services to PWC business units. I’ve written about this before and it was great to see that others had similar ideas and have been able to successfully implement it.

Offering KM as a service (KMaS anyone?) would allow companies to track time, expenses, output and assign business value to knowledge management. For example, your local librarian is essentially a KMaS model. In fact corporate librarians and knowledge managers are one and the same. See Michael Stephens interview with Boeing Librarians.

Some argue that Web 2.0 has reduced the need for librarians and other ‘organizers’ of information. I disagree, I think there is always a need for someone to pre-digest, qualify, sort, sift and organize information produced in a corporate environment. Certainly technology can augment and increase the value of your KM team and make it easier for your employees to consume the information produced by your corporation.