What do business schools undervalue?

At the Presidential Inaguration of Babson’s new president Leonard (Len) Schlesinger, Jack Welch gave the guest speech. Jack and Len worked together at GE as part of the GE Path Forward re-engineering of GE. Jack gave a short speech on the current economic crisis and then took a couple questions. One question (I’m paraphrasing here): What do businesses need, yet business schools undervalue?

Jack’s answer (again paraphrasing): Business schools do not emphasize enough of the soft skills needed to succeed. Organizational Development, Human Resources and Communication are the areas businesses desperately need competent and qualified candidates.

Coincidentally the professor, who was asked to welcome our new President, was the department lead in Organizational Development.

You can read more about the inauguration here.


2 Responses to What do business schools undervalue?

  1. Kai says:

    Hi Gian,

    I’m going to start the fast track program in March 09 and stumbled on your blog. Thanks for the information. As a CU grad (99 English and MCDB) we share a little bit in common. I’m curious how the fast track program is going for you so far.

    Thanks again for the info and take care.


  2. Gian says:

    Hi Kai,

    My experience with the Fast track program thus far has been stellar! Time consuming, but interesting and I’m learning a lot.


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