Mashup (KM + LD + HR + SN) = Culture 2.0

Mashups are generally used in discussion of Web 2.0 sites such as, a combination of Google Maps and property listings on Craigslist. Mashup is also a musical term where two or more songs are mashed together to create an entirely new song. Check out: for some good examples. In each case two stand alone and complete works are mashed together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

This week I came across a third mashup: combining Knowledge Management, Learning and Development, Human Resources and Social Networks. I’m not sure if there is a name for this, perhaps Talent Management or Organizational Development but these are still too limiting. For now let’s call this mashup Culture 2.0. If you have a name suggestion let me know.

By mashing traditional Knowledge Management ideas such as:
• Knowledge Repositories
• Communities of Practice
• Knowledge Capture, Sharing & Reuse
• Content Management

With Learning and Development techniques such as:
• 70:20:10 rule
• Mobile & Online Learning
• Skill Development

With Human Resource support structure around:
• Recognition Programs
• Job Descriptions, Job Families, Competencies
• Measured Business Objectives
• Career Path Opportunities

And leveraging Social Network & Web 2.0 tools:
• Facebook & LinkedIn functionality
• Instant communication (IM, Skype)
• Expertise Location / Employee Histories
• Forums, Wikis, Blogs, Global Search, Tags, etc

By taking a strategic look at combining and reinforcing the efforts in these areas I think one could have a positive impact on the company culture, how it innovates and improve overall collaboration. This is not an easy task. Individually each area has a large degree of focus and bringing together the right team and setting the right priorities would dictate the degree of success.

Individually each area is traditionally seen as a cost for the business, continually having to justify budget and staff. Mashed together and taken as a whole, suddenly Culture 2.0 defines how successful your business can be. I’d be interested if you have seen companies take such a mashed-up approach.


3 Responses to Mashup (KM + LD + HR + SN) = Culture 2.0

  1. Angelo says:

    Nice post!
    Something similar exists in a few organizations where KM and Training have matured to the extent of being mashed up to form an exclusive entity known as CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT.

  2. […] what does all of this have to do with knowledge management? Well in my last post I spoke about Culture 2.0. Using the concepts in Nudge around architecting the choices that […]

  3. John Caves says:

    I loved the comments! I’m trying to expand my knowledge of subjects you discuss on your blog and I saw your name in an article by Jeanne Meister. The article discussed your communities of practice at HDS.

    I’m working on a strategic initiative to raise the level of employee engagement. I think I’m building a community of practice as both the facilitator and sponsor. What are some tools you use to facilitate the community interactions?

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