Knowledge Management practitioners are a very open and welcoming group of folks. I’m not sure if KM attracts a certain type of personality or the nature of KM requires a person to be open to new ideas and actively seek them out. But in the past couple of months I’ve joined a couple communities, so I thought I’d share here.

SIKM Leaders or Systems Integrators Knowledge Management Leaders is a Yahoo Group with monthly community calls with presentations from the community members. Its run by Stan Garfield, KM guru over at HP. If you’re in the system integration space (or something akin to SI) then check out the group. The group is very much focused on direct application of KM practices and less on the theory of KM.

Com-Prac or Communities of Practice is another Yahoo Group, hosted by John Smith at Learning Alliances. This group has definite worldwide participation. You are likely to get an answer from Seattle, or Delhi or London to somewhere in Australia. As the name suggests this group os focused on building, sustaining and studying communities of practice in all their different forms.

Online Facilitation, a Yahoo Group, hosted by Nancy White at Full Circle Associates. The topics here revolve around discussion about the skills, techniques and issues around online facilitation in a variety of Internet online environments and virtual communities.

CPSquare is yet another community (which I wrote about before) with its own web platform and is currently hosting a series of calls focused on ‘Long Live the Platform‘.

Recently I started to attend events put on by the Boston Knowledge Management Forum. Lynda Moulton usually acts as host and facilitator for the monthly meetings held in Waltham, MA and the Friday morning Breakfast Meetings. I’ve made it to a couple afternoon meetings and the members are long time KM practitioners in the Boston area. So far though, the breakfast meetings have eluded me as they are too early in the morning for me. Patti Anklam is also a member who recently authored Net Work.

Since I use SharePoint at work I joined the New England SharePoint User Group (NESPUG). They hold meetings once a month on a variety of SharePoint 2007 related topics.

Lastly, I’ve been participating in the TPSA Community of Interest in Services Engineering. My KM activities take place within our professional services organization and this group sometimes has useful discussion around KM topics as they relate to professional services environment. Much more is discussed that is pertinent to services engineering that may not directly relate to my job at hand but is nonetheless very interesting. Unfortunately, membership is only open to TPSA member companies.

So there you have it seven groups that I’ve come across that I’ve found useful in different ways. If you know of another group I might be interested in, please let me know.


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  1. Gian,
    I have a list of KM resources on my site broken down by category, one of which is KM communities. As of right now, there are 35 KM communities listed – some of which you may be interested in. If you see any I’m missing in there feel free to add to the list!


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