Community Council

Its a lot of work pulling together a community of practice. Lots of time is spent communicating with the community members to get them excited about the CoP and contributing to it. Also you have to spend some time tracking some basic metrics on the CoP, keeping up with membership and setting the topics for our monthly meetings.

For my most mature CoP I have decided to implement a Community Council to help bring together the various pieces of the community. The council consists of 4 current CoP members who have been very active in the community. My initial take on the responsibilities for the council are:

1. Actively getting the word out and inviting new members
2. Setting of the monthly meeting agenda
3. Host a meeting from time to time
4. Help with maintaining the CoP SharePoint site
5. Set direction and goals for the CoP
6. 6-month commitment as a council member

I am curious if any of you use or have used in the past a similar structure to help build a CoP.


2 Responses to Community Council

  1. Jeff M says:


    Have you thought of treating these members as sort of community leaders in their respective locales or expertise areas? I know how geographically dispersed your communities are (hence being an inhibitor for some to participate directly), and this may be a means by which to improve overall participation by spinning off smaller communities.

  2. gjagai says:


    Actually the 4 persons I selected were from EMEA, Americas, APAC and HQ. So if they do see the need to host both a local CoP and a global CoP then it would be easy to do.

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