Sharepoint User Group

This past week I launched an HDS SharePoint User group. The idea is to bring together all of the HDS Sharepoint administrators and see if we could learn from each other. Right now I’m in the process of trying to get each user to introduce themselves and list the Sharepoint site they are responsible for. The group also includes some of the IT folks who are responsible for administering and designing the sharepoint sites.

My goals in trying to build this group are to:
1. Provide an avenue for HDS team site admins to get help and questions answered
2. Begin to develop some requirements for SP 2007
3. Have the SP admins demo their sites so we can all learn/see what other groups are doing and ‘steal’ some ideas

I didn’t call this a SharePoint Community of Practice, as most people are familiar with the concept of a user group around a specific application. And I don’t expect that the group will be creating any new IP. I’m also trying a different method of performing introductions through email rather than at a formal meeting. Its also my first try at building a group that doesn’t have a management mandate. So the direction and time commitment will vary widely.


One Response to Sharepoint User Group

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