Analogies for Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a very broad subject. Lots of ideas, concepts and pre-conceived notions (right and wrong) exist about it. How do you cut through the baggage and half truths that your company’s management may have about KM. How do you correctly explain and convince your management and your customers that your KM objectives are worthwhile and attainable?

Perhaps, one way would be the use of story telling or using analogies to equate the broad field of KM into an easily understandable story. I would be interested in any stories you have used to successful communicate the goals of a KM program.

I’ve recently seen a lot of buzz around Corporate Storytelling. In fact there’s even a conference on it, called Golden Fleece. The Smithsonian is also having a one day conference on it. I wonder if the use of Web 2.0 tools can aid the story telling process thru podcasts, blogs and wikis. Incidently, the Web 2.0 Expo was this week. Jeremiah has been live streaming from the event.


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