Knowledge Management & Social Media

I recently joined the CPsquare community. They advertise themselves as “…the community of practice on communities of practice”. Today was my first taste of the community as there was a conference call to hear and discuss:

Comm.unities.of.prac.tice 2.0; How blogs, wikis, and social bookmarking offer facilities that support learning in practice in communities of practice.” Martin Kloos’, Masters Thesis in the Business Information Systems program at the University of Amsterdam.

Before I tell you about the meeting, I’ll talk about the Social Media I used in the meeting. The community hosts its conference call using Skype. This was my first attempt at using the service and I found it to be quite good.  I did purchase a USB microphone/headset for ease of use, however the Skype call was free. The CPsquare folks also have a chat session hosted on their servers during the conference call. The chat is then posted to the community discussion forum. And during the conference I was emailed a copy of the presentation. Though I later found it was posted to the site, newbie mistake, but John Smith was kind enough to send it during the call.

The call itself was interesting as Martin talked about his research and the conclusions he drew, that certain Social Media are more apt for building and developing CoP than others. Martin’s work uses Etienne Wenger‘s work on Communities of Practice as support for some of his findings. Etienne was actually on the call today and provided some additional insight and thoughts on Martin’s work.

Just as a brief sidebar. I’m not sure about you, but if I was presenting my work and I knew the person whose research I had used as support or reference was going to be in the audience; I would be pretty terrified.  Ok, back to the conference call.

Also on the call was Eric Sauve CEO of Tomoye: The Community of Practice Company. Not much to say about Eric, but I am intrigued by his company and what their services are about, given my last post on KM services.

I unfortunately missed the last CPsquare event which they took into Second Life and discussed its uses for CoPs. Hopefully future CPsquare events are as interesting as these last two.


2 Responses to Knowledge Management & Social Media

  1. Martin says:

    Hi there,

    thank you for this post on my thesis and the cpsquare presentation. I must say that it was not completely clear to me at the beginning that Etienne Wenger was on the call. I share you opinion about the scaryness thing. But nevertheless I thought it was quite an interesting discussion and I am glad you agree.

  2. […] is yet another community (which I wrote about before) with its own web platform and is currently hosting a series of calls focused on ‘Long Live […]

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